Did I forget I’m a Writer? New Release!


mybookI released a book through Amazon last month under this name! And three more under my other writing name. But it appears I’ve neglected to mention it here.

It’s a bargain at 99 cents.

Jax and the Corporate Giant

Jax knows she’s the joke of her late father’s prestigious company as she stirs to bring down the CEO, Ben Stalk. She didn’t climb the corporate ladder only to be denied her birthright. So what if Ben is not only a brilliant business giant, he drop dead gorgeous. Jax isn’t looking for love…
Ben is about to close the biggest venture of his life, if only he can keep Jax from discovering his secret. For eight years he’s walked on eggshells around her, but this time, the stakes have never been higher. He can outmaneuver her, but can he control his heart?
Review: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.com/2011/10/jax-and-corporate-giant-by-judi-thoman.html