Because the First Day of Chemo is so STINKING scary!

Regulating an IV dripEven my second time around…I had the first day jitters. I couldn’t sleep the night before. When I went the first time I didn’t really have clue what to expect. So I’m going to talk about what happens in case anyone out there is searching for the answer.

1. Check in…they have to know how they are getting paid.

2. I get weighed, temperature taken and blood pressure recorded.

3. I’m taken to a room where blood samples are taken. If I had a port they would use it. However, during my first chemo sessions almost two years ago to the day, I only got to use the port twice before it was accidentally discovered I had a blood clot. That meant that for 6 months I Blood in test tubes and results close uphad to give myself shots in the stomach because someone failed to flush it properly. So they use my veins the wold fashioned way.

4. I go visit the doctor…not every time, but every other. They update my chart and answer any questions I may have. On this first visit I was supposed to be given a shot for the cancer in my hip. I had to have three teeth pulled for them to consider giving it to me because of the side affect. The doctor says: “Only 1 in 1,000 have the side affect.” I just gave her “THE LOOK”!  At which point she laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess you haven’t had such good luck with the odds so far.” The odds of getting Inflammatory Breast Cancer is about 1%.  Out of what…how many cases of breast cancer are there? Millions…oh yeah.. So even after having the teeth pulled I declined the treatment for now.

Yes, you can say no.

5. The chemo room.  My insurance gives me a private room with chairs for two guests. (You know the insurance that puts me a little deeper in debt each year until I never think I can catch up) Every chemo is different. This is my 5th kind. With this one I had to take anti-nausea meds and an IV for 1/2 hour before the chemo began. This chemo is known for hurting as it goes in…next time I’m asking for pain meds too, because it burned like hades. I did, however, eventually fall asleep. Sometime they put you in a chair, sometimes a bed. Now that I know this chemo is one I WANT to sleep through, I’ll request a bed.  Some are a breeze.

This was the first time the chemo hurt. On the good side…here I sit the day after, writing my SECOND blog post!  I made lunch for everyone, I trimmed some hedges…and after this I plan to force myself to rest! I was just a little nauseated last night, but a single tiny pill took care of it and put me to sleep.

Any questions…I’ll try to answer or get the answer for you.