The Great Search for Grapes with Seeds a KILLER of #Cancer #Inflammartorybrestcancer

Depositphotos_3777121_lsmWhy do I want grapes with seeds? A long time ago there was a cure called the “grape cure”. People would drink water for 12 hours and then break their fast by eating grape mush. Or mashed grapes with seeds.


Remember, I told you cancer cells party on sugar. PaarrTay!  After starving them for 12 hours and they then sending them a sugary treat like mashed grapes…well you’ve just gotten them all excited. They gobble  the treat!  Ha!

Inside the seed and dark grape skin, is resveratrol and that is the killer of cancer. One source I’ll link claimed it’s great for late stage cancers.

So this is my thought…why wait until you’re like me…late stage incurable cancer? Frozen red grapes with seeds, thrown in your Vitamx with a little water in the morning after a long nights natural fast will keep you healthy!  In the Vitamix the seeds completely disappear in the frozen slushy goodness.

And guess what…grapes are good for whole lot of other stuff!

However, I just spent days searching for grapes with seeds. We ended up driving thirty miles last evening to fine one little bag!  I NEED GRAPES! With seeds please.. 🙂