The Great Search for Grapes with Seeds a KILLER of #Cancer #Inflammartorybrestcancer

Depositphotos_3777121_lsmWhy do I want grapes with seeds? A long time ago there was a cure called the “grape cure”. People would drink water for 12 hours and then break their fast by eating grape mush. Or mashed grapes with seeds.


Remember, I told you cancer cells party on sugar. PaarrTay!  After starving them for 12 hours and they then sending them a sugary treat like mashed grapes…well you’ve just gotten them all excited. They gobble  the treat!  Ha!

Inside the seed and dark grape skin, is resveratrol and that is the killer of cancer. One source I’ll link claimed it’s great for late stage cancers.

So this is my thought…why wait until you’re like me…late stage incurable cancer? Frozen red grapes with seeds, thrown in your Vitamx with a little water in the morning after a long nights natural fast will keep you healthy!  In the Vitamix the seeds completely disappear in the frozen slushy goodness.

And guess what…grapes are good for whole lot of other stuff!

However, I just spent days searching for grapes with seeds. We ended up driving thirty miles last evening to fine one little bag!  I NEED GRAPES! With seeds please.. 🙂



Eating Right with Cancer and WHY?

Healthy lifestyle concept. Diet and fitnessI know someone going through cancer who asked her doctor about a certain food and was told that in moderation it was fine. I so wanted to say something, but a patient’s trust in their doctor is very important. But this is also showed me that I need to start sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve invested countless hours on this research, and talked to a plethora of authoritative people on the subject.

For the Liver:

I’m starting every morning with the frozen grapes including seeds + a lemon + fresh baby spinach leaves + filtered water in my Vitamix. I read it’s good to start the morning with a lemon for the liver. (My breast cancer metastasized to the liver)

I end each evening with carrot juice, also very good for the liver. And all of the above are great cancer fighters, two of them are KILLERS.

I learned yesterday that grapefruit cleanses the liver, so I’m including that. Green tea is good for both for liver and cancer…I’m doing that.

Avocados are both good for the liver and cancer.

Walnuts are on the list for cancer and liver but they have to completely macerated. I have to experiment.

Apples. Calciferous vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts…all dependent on if I can find them organic.

Cabbage…especially red cabbage.

I put the leafy greens in my drinks. Beet juice is also good for liver too. I can do beet juice only if I add pineapple. Another thing beet juice will do is lower the blood pressure within 24 hours. My husband, my best friend Lahoma and I did an experiment on this a couple of weeks ago.

Whole grains for liver…that one has me a little stumped since I don’t do many whole grain. I need to find a hot organic cereal with flax seed, etc.

The number 1 good food for the liver is garlic. We buy the jars of minced organic.

Five Best Cancer Killers: 

1. Turmeric (Killer!)

2. Grapes with seeds (Killer!)

3.Green Tea (Killer!)

4. Tomatoes (Killer!)

5. Raw fruit and vegetables (Killer!)

Top Ten Inflammatory fighters 

1. pineapple

2. cherries

3 apples

4. papaya

5. almonds

6 walnuts

7. ginger

8 turmeric

9. spinach

10 sweet potato

I have to worry about my white blood cell count.
Foods to boost white blood count:
active cultures, Kefir, yorgurt, (Not too much because the liver will have to work harder)
shiitake mushrooms (One of the chemos I took last time had shiitake mushrooms as a component)
Pumpkin and squash seeds, (I buy them without the shell and as an added bonus, pumpkin seeds are a natural sleeping pill.)
Orange foods… carrots, melons, oranges, orange bell peppers, etc.,
Saying that foods will boost your white blood count is a controversial subject I’ve discovered…I’m beginning to lose count of the nurses who want to argue about it.
Foods to boost Platelet count:
Wild salmon (No Farm Raised!)
flax seed oil
cod liver oil
organic grown tomatoes
papaya leaf extract
There are foods that are a MUST NOT EAT because they feed cancer…they make cancer happy!
processed foods…anything that says Monosodium Glutamate, or Sodium Nitrate or Nitrates make cancer cells jump for joy!
White flour and all refined grains
Pasta (unless it’s made with a good substitute, like Quinoa. There are some great pastas made with it!)
Sugar and all sugar substitutes…cancer throws a party when fed sugar. There’s enough natural sugar in food without adding the party-favor kind of sugar.
Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils
Fried food is a more comprehensive I’m adding links since I’m doing this off-the-cuff…
One last thing…the number one killer was turmeric. Yesterday, on my first day back in chemo, I had to give a list of everything I was using; meds, vitamins, herbs, etc.  So I showed my doctor the Turmeric capsules I’d started taking and she checked with another doctor about it. She came back telling me that not only was it fine, OSU had started a study on Turmeric as a cancer killer! So I’m doubling my dose!
Nothing with sugar added, white flour, monosodium glutamte, nothing processed, cheese and dairy can be hard on the liver so I have to limit it, no nutmeg it’s bad with the liver, (and I used it)

For protein:I use organic eggs, chicken and beef wild salmon, and mercury-free tuna. If it’s not organic or farm fresh without additives than no thanks. I occasionally use legumes, but not often and I need to adjust this behavior.

Why should you care about this if you don’t have cancer? They numbers suggest that 1 in every 2 men will have cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 3 women. The current generation is the first who will not live as long or as healthy.  Any suggestions or comments appreciated.

Because the First Day of Chemo is so STINKING scary!

Regulating an IV dripEven my second time around…I had the first day jitters. I couldn’t sleep the night before. When I went the first time I didn’t really have clue what to expect. So I’m going to talk about what happens in case anyone out there is searching for the answer.

1. Check in…they have to know how they are getting paid.

2. I get weighed, temperature taken and blood pressure recorded.

3. I’m taken to a room where blood samples are taken. If I had a port they would use it. However, during my first chemo sessions almost two years ago to the day, I only got to use the port twice before it was accidentally discovered I had a blood clot. That meant that for 6 months I Blood in test tubes and results close uphad to give myself shots in the stomach because someone failed to flush it properly. So they use my veins the wold fashioned way.

4. I go visit the doctor…not every time, but every other. They update my chart and answer any questions I may have. On this first visit I was supposed to be given a shot for the cancer in my hip. I had to have three teeth pulled for them to consider giving it to me because of the side affect. The doctor says: “Only 1 in 1,000 have the side affect.” I just gave her “THE LOOK”!  At which point she laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess you haven’t had such good luck with the odds so far.” The odds of getting Inflammatory Breast Cancer is about 1%.  Out of what…how many cases of breast cancer are there? Millions…oh yeah.. So even after having the teeth pulled I declined the treatment for now.

Yes, you can say no.

5. The chemo room.  My insurance gives me a private room with chairs for two guests. (You know the insurance that puts me a little deeper in debt each year until I never think I can catch up) Every chemo is different. This is my 5th kind. With this one I had to take anti-nausea meds and an IV for 1/2 hour before the chemo began. This chemo is known for hurting as it goes in…next time I’m asking for pain meds too, because it burned like hades. I did, however, eventually fall asleep. Sometime they put you in a chair, sometimes a bed. Now that I know this chemo is one I WANT to sleep through, I’ll request a bed.  Some are a breeze.

This was the first time the chemo hurt. On the good side…here I sit the day after, writing my SECOND blog post!  I made lunch for everyone, I trimmed some hedges…and after this I plan to force myself to rest! I was just a little nauseated last night, but a single tiny pill took care of it and put me to sleep.

Any questions…I’ll try to answer or get the answer for you.