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I first started this blog in 2005 and a recently lost most of it. However, worse things can happen. 🙂

Thoman_ThorMannerlyMillicent_lgThoroughly Mannerly Millicent was my first book published as Judi Thoman

It was published by Avalon Books, a small New York publisher in 2007 and was a lead book for the month of April 2007.

It was purchased by libraries across the US and did well for a first book. And it was hardback!  I’m of the opinion that every author wants a hardback credit.

I started a sequel but only sent one other manuscript to Avalon. It was rejected by them for not fitting their format (VERY true) and it was contracted by another publisher under another name.

48booksIn 2011 Avalon Books was purchased by Amazon’s Montlake Publishing and Thoroughly Mannerly Millicent received new life. All of the remaining stock of hardback books was gifted to me by Amazon. Considering these used to sell for $22.95, this a very nice gift. They even paid the shipping.

And they released Thoroughly Mannerly Millicent in paperback and ebook.

The paperbacks looked a little different, but it was nonetheless thrilling to see my little book paperhave new life.

At a really reduced cost!

Link to Amazon

I had one other book published under this name, but alas, that publisher no longer is in business.

However, I believe it may be coming again soon… 🙂

mybookThis short story can be found on Amazon.  

This story was originally released for a Romantic Times promotion for the Fairy Court, of which I was a member for 3 delightful years.

Then it was contracted by Sapphire Blue Publications, a wonderful Indie press that no longer exists because of the illness of its mighty leader.

Book Description

 November 4, 2013
Jax knows she’s the joke of her late father’s prestigious company as she stirs to bring down the CEO, Ben Stalk. She didn’t climb the corporate ladder only to be denied her birthright. So what if Ben is not only a brilliant business giant, he drop dead gorgeous. Jax isn’t looking for love…

Ben is about to close the biggest venture of his life, if only he can keep Jax from discovering his secret. For eight years he’s walked on eggshells around her, but this time, the stakes have never been higher. He can outmaneuver her, but can he control his heart?

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