Dear Friends and Loved Ones During Hard Times #showingyoucare #thankyou

Childs Primitive Crayon Drawing of a Family of 5 People With a Sun and RainbowIt’s good to be surrounded by people who care, and take the time to show it.

Only the second week of chemo and already my white count is in the toilet. That meant on the second day after, I had to get a Neulasta shot which mimics flu like symptoms with mood swings. One minute I’m baking and singing in the kitchen and then next I’m fussing with Payton…my 12 year old caregiver grandson who is having a meltdown because he isn’t getting an answer from my dear friend Lahoma who is also here. Or so we thought at the time, later we learned what the true source of his angst was. (Our secret.)

Lahoma has been my best friend since the beginning of the 9th grade. We were Lavern and Shirley before their TV creation. We would link arms doing the T-Berry Shuffle down the halls of our high school while harmonizing to one country tune or another. The summer between our junior and senior year, we were carhops together. For the most part, after growing up we lived across the country from one another, but the deep and abiding love and loyalty was always there.

Now here she is, once again, helping me through another of life’s moments…

Poor Lahoma, is dealing with a my cancer treatments not going well and Payton’s Aspergers. But she’s a trouper! ┬áHaving people who understand the emotional aspects of cancer are as important as the physical symptoms. Just this week, I’ve been blessed having her here doing little daily miracles. In addition to taking care of me, cheering me up, taking me to the clinic two days in a row, she hired a landscaper to tame the yard which had gotten away from us. And I’m awaiting the delivery of a swing for my back porch from her.

In addition, I received two packages, one from my dear friend Tina Gerow which contained a book of devotions. My daughter sent me a huge bag of Coconut flour and Peppermint moisturizing cream. It’s always fun to see what’s in a package! Thanks, you two.

Since he moved in after the end of the school year, my Payton has been a daily source of joy and comfort. He’s been diligent in his care which takes the pressure off of my dear husband who isn’t handling this second round emotionally as well as he did the first.

And the all of the cyber hugs and prayers have been a blessing. The many, many, many folks on Triberr were absolutely amazing! Facebook, and Twitter and all of the other social outlets have been a source of encouragement and place to feel the loving light from so many others.

So to those of you who have reached out…my deepest thanks. I appreciate it more than words can say.

6 thoughts on “Dear Friends and Loved Ones During Hard Times #showingyoucare #thankyou

    • Yesterday, Lahoma asked if you were my sister. I discovered I had eight additional siblings a few years back, and from the messages you leave on Facebook, Lahoma thought you were one of my sisters. That says a lot about YOU!

  1. Hi Judy, sorry to hear you are going through this again. I have been reading your stories you have posted. I can remember you and Lahoma being buds in highschool and being silly in the halls. Lol. It’s great that you two have remained such good friends. Always good to have your support team with you when you need them. I am sending you my hugs and prayers that things get easier for you. Am I wrong or was it you that was piercing someone’s ears in the home-ec room and we got busted or who was it? Lol. For some reason I am thinking it was you. Whoever it was they were using an ice cube and a needle and we all had to go to the office. If it wasn’t you my apologies for my bad memory. Lol.
    You take care honey and feel better soon. My thoughts are with you.

    • I don’t think I did it…I don’t remember taking home-ec…was it a course we had to take? Not that I wouldn’t have done it…I was always getting in trouble for something silly. I remember Sheryl Robinson and I were caught hiding under the bleachers for NO good reason. Someone else was with us, but I can’t remember who. I think we were skipping ART class.

  2. Judi – I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this again. I hope that book of devotionals help. When I saw it and read it I thought of you. You’re in my thoughts and prayers daily, girl! Love you!!!!

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